Searching for your wedding dress should be an exciting and memorable experience and our professional and knowledgeable team are here to make sure of that!


Every bride and every wedding are uniquely different, but many of their questions are the same...

When should I start to look for my wedding dress?

There is no right or wrong time - simply when you're ready. Some brides are really organised and want to make a decision on their dress early as they feel it will determine the overall look of their wedding (it also ensures current pricing, as pricing can be increased each season). Others are more relaxed and choose to look for their dress later in the planning. Either way we generally recommend allowing at least 6 months for delivery and approximately 8 weeks for alterations and fittings. Most brides lead time is around 12 -18 months. We also love to accommodate those who like to get married soon after their engagement, our designers will often hold stock or offer express and rush deliveries, so don’t be put off enjoying the experience if you’re under a tighter schedule. Currently our quickest turn around was for a client who had just 9 days to get organised, her gown was available in stock and in store in a couple of days.

Do I need to book an appointment?

Yes, to ensure our clients receive our full attention and an unforgettable experience we work on an appointment system.  Just telephone, email or use our online platforms to arrange a date and time to visit us.

Who should I bring?

We understand that this special experience is one you wish to share with your family and close friends and we really do welcome that, we don’t restrict on numbers, though seating on the bridal suite can accommodate four guests plus the bride. Our private suite can accommodate two guests plus the bride, and our bridesmaids suite has had many a bride tribe visit. We are definitely child friendly, however not child safe (due to the nature of displays and stock), we kindly request that an adult be available to supervise any wee dotes, and for the older children we are more than happy to share our wifi code to enable them to not get bored.

What should I bring?

Generally we have everything you will need for your appointment, however you may wish to ensure you are wearing comfortable underwear and a strapless bra is always useful. You may bring your own shoes if you have a heel height you wish to try on with the gowns.  A must have though is your smile :-) 


We know you don't want to read an endless list of do's don'ts. Every appointment is unique and we're here to answer any questions you might have.